Minimally invasive mitral valve repair: A new surgical option for mitral insufficiency

Eamon Raith

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Eamon Raith
Fifth Year Medicine (Undergraduate)
University of Adelaide

Eamon has clinical and research interests in cardiothoracic and trauma surgery, infectious diseases, and rural and remote medical practice. Eamon is currently involved in research into the online delivery of medical education, in-hospital patterns of antibiotic prescribing and damage control resuscitation. In 2010 he is studying in Broken Hill, NSW, in association with the Spencer Gulf Rural Health School and the University of Sydney.

Long-shafted instruments in use during mitral valve repair


Minimally invasive mitral valve repair (MIMVR) is a relatively new alternative to median sternotomy for valvular heart surgery, and has become increasingly appealing due to its improved cosmetic results and more rapid recovery time. Patients suffering mitral valve disease are increasingly turning to their medical practitioners for advice regarding this procedure. It is the aim of this article to provide a review of MIMVR to allow students and doctors to better understand this recent development in cardiac surgical therapy.