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Welcome to Volume 5, Issue 1 of the Australian Medical Student Journal (AMSJ). The latest issue continues to showcase the vast breadth of medical student and junior doctor research, reviews, and opinions in a wide range of relevant and compelling articles.

This issue includes the latest trends in laboratory-based cancer research, covered in an editorial by Alison Browning, and provides a timely overview of this rapidly growing field. Grace Leo’s editorial shifts our attention to the waning practice of compassion during patient care and ways in which this can be addressed.

Key guest articles include a piece by Professor Patrick McGorry which builds on the momentum placed on medical student mental health and wellbeing this year, offering new insights in this area in the wake of a 2013 beyondblue survey which highlighted some stark statistics on medical student and junior doctor mental health. Professor Stephen Leeder, the Editor-in-Chief of the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) which is celebrating its centenary this year, navigates the overload of medical information that faces us now and into the future. The Australian Indigenous Doctor’s Association provide an informative view into the future of Indigenous health in Australia, and draws on the need to train culturally competent doctors to make inroads in this area.

Additionally, this issue has attracted an unprecedented number of original research submissions, testament to the growing popularity of research amongst students and the AMSJ’s ongoing drive to publish early career research. Stephanie Barnes suggests a technique to anatomically localise functionally defined cortical areas using MRI, while a second research article in the field of radiology compares two key methods of identifying adrenal glands on computed tomography (CT). Public health measures to prevent skin cancers amongst men and women are assessed in a study of rural Australians, and the findings suggest that the measures are still not being heeded by some.

The review and feature articles again cover a diverse array of topics, with a spotlight on penicillin allergies, an overview of the history of modern anaesthesia, and reviews of cancer and psychiatric treatments.

The growing calibre of research submissions, as well as our staple review and feature articles, reflect the variety of interests and undertakings of Australian medical students and junior doctors. The AMSJ is currently in the midst of exploring potential partnerships with the Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) and the MJA to bring more opportunities to students, encourage research, and promote medical editing and journalism. Keep an eye out on our website for more announcements. Furthermore, our presence on social media continues to strengthen and has played a strong role in increasing our readership, including to an emerging international audience.

The AMSJ is produced by an expanding team of volunteer staff of medical students which is now well and truly established across all states and medical schools in Australia. This year has been a time of transition at the AMSJ with many staff members completing their terms with us and handing over the reigns to a new team of enthusiastic editors, proof-readers, and other internal staff positions who bring with them a wealth of experience. I would like to thank past executive members and editors who have overseen the development of the AMSJ and to current staff who have worked tirelessly to publish this issue. I would also like to extend our thanks to the peer-reviewers who have provided us with invaluable feedback on articles and are central to the quality and success of the AMSJ.
Finally, I would like to thank our readers, authors and sponsors who continue to support the AMSJ. On behalf of the staff at the AMSJ, we hope you enjoy this issue.

Thank you to AMSJ Peer Reviewers:

  • Dr Karl Friston
  • Dr Shuli Futeran
  • Dr Craig Lewis
  • Dr Saxon Smith
  • Dr Susan Ireland
  • Professor Philip Hazell
  • Dr Matthew Links
  • Dr Himanshu Popat
  • Professor Jennifer Reath
  • Dr Shaun Roman
  • Dr Wai Kit Lee
  • Professor Graham Johnston
  • Dr Tracy Putoczki
  • Dr Joanne Lewohl
  • Professor David Robertson
  • Dr Michael Hornberger
  • Dr Joseph Moxon
  • Dr Tony Lamont
  • Dr Susan Smith
  • Dr Shane Brun
  • Dr Ryan Shum
  • Dr Martin Kroslak
  • Professor Saxby Pridmore
  • Dr Stephen Adelstein
  • Professor Gregory Peterson
  • Mrs Lisa Gilroy
  • Ms Miranda Stephens
  • Dr Andrew Chang
  • Dr William Glasson
  • Professor Philip Mitchell
  • Professor Anthony Harris
  • Dr Matthew Fasnacht
  • Associate Professor Ute Vollmer-Conna
  • Associate Professor Julian Trollor

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