The Federal Budget 2013 – 2014: An opportunity to deliver a health workforce that meets future healthcare needs

By Leslie E. Bolitho | Volume 4, Issue 1 2013

The Federal Budget 2013 – 2014 announcement and its expected impact on health The announcement of the Australian Federal Budget is one of the most important dates on the calendar for the healthcare industry. The Budget provides a clearer understanding of the funding priorities of the Federal Government and lays the foundation for healthcare investment. [...]  Read More →

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Health care to meet the future needs of New South Wales

By Jillian Skinner | Volume 3, Issue 2 2012

When thinking about innovation and ways to transform how health care is delivered to the patients of today and tomorrow, the importance and growing potential of e-Health springs to mind. In Opposition and now as Minister for Health and Minister for Medical Research I am absolutely convinced of the enormous gains to be made using [...]  Read More →

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Global inequities and the international health scene – Gustav Nossal

By Gustav Nossal | Volume 3, Issue 1 2012

All young people should be deeply concerned at the global inequities that remain, and nowhere is this more clearly seen than in international health. Particularly we in the lucky country need to be mindful of this as we enjoy some of the best health standards in the world (with the notable exception of Aboriginal and [...]  Read More →

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The role of medical students in innovation – Fiona Wood

By Fiona Wood | Volume 3, Issue 1 2012

When thinking about the role of medical students in innovation, my mind drifts back to my early days in St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School, London 1975. It was exciting because I could see for the first time that I had a role in the world that was useful. Let’s face it, until then it is [...]  Read More →

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How fortunate we are – Alden Harken

By Samuel Schecter, Laurel Imhoff & Alden Harken | Volume 2, Issue 2 2011

As students of medicine, you will soon be educationally unique – with a body of knowledge that no one can ever take away from you. When you receive your MBBS, the society and community in which you live is making a statement of trust in your abilities. With that trust you will be afforded extraordinary [...]  Read More →

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‘We want you to be our mother’ – Fiona Stanley

By Fiona Stanley | Volume 2, Issue 2 2011

Surely we don’t need any more research? Surely we know what to do to improve Aboriginal health? Surely we know the best environments for healthy child development? In this article I provide a rationale for Aboriginal child health research, give a history of my own personal journey in Aboriginal child health from the 1970s to [...]  Read More →

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Medical research at the cutting edge – Alan Trounson

By Alan Trounson | Volume 2, Issue 2 2011

Introduction I have had the experience of working in two major areas of human medicine that have been challenging and rewarding, and have provided some of the most heated debate on medical ethics and disturbance of established social mores. In many respects this made the developments even more difficult because they were frequently and avidly [...]  Read More →

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Where do new clinical treatments come from? – Ian Frazer

By Ian Frazer | Volume 2, Issue 2 2011

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, we gained over 25 years of extra life expectancy during the 20th century. These extra years have resulted largely from development of public health measures, vaccines and antibiotics that have reduced the impact of infectious diseases on a global basis. These interventions are the tangible result [...]  Read More →

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Diagnostic modelling in General Practice – John Murtagh

By John Murtagh | Volume 2, Issue 1 2011

Introduction All facets of the great profession of medicine are fascinating and that is basically the reason why I pursued a career in General Practice. It provides the opportunity to diagnose and manage diseases from A-Z (acne to zoonoses). Practising in a rural community, with the luxury of managing the local hospital, was the ideal [...]  Read More →

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How to enjoy your patients – Murray Longmore

By Murray Longmore | Volume 2, Issue 1 2011

We all want to be remembered for something – a major contribution to science, or a political triumph bringing peace to a beleaguered world, or perhaps you would like to be honoured with an eponymous syndrome? Or, more modestly, as one committed housewife said, “I would like simply to be remembered for making good gravy.” [...]  Read More →

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