Editor’s Welcome

Rachel Park

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

Rachel Park
Editor-in-Chief, AMSJ

Welcome to Volume 8, Issue 2 of the Australian Medical Student Journal (AMSJ). The AMSJ is a national peer-reviewed journal serving as a publication platform for all medical students in Australia. Our aim is to showcase medical students’ perspectives on current issues in medicine. The editorial theme of this issue is shaping our future of medicine together as medical students.

Several original and feature articles in this issue clearly show medical students taking ownership of the future of medicine. This includes proposals for better delivery methods of medical education and policy. Dr Timothy Wittick and colleagues highlight the importance of community engagement activities on medical students’ personal and professional development. Dr Nicholas Wilson and colleagues emphasise the significant educational and cultural value for students participating in Aboriginal community placements. In addition, Mr Benjamin Bravery shares his personal experience as a cancer survivor, and discusses potential improvements in delivering oncology education in medical schools. Dr Anna-Kristen Szubert and colleagues address the issue of mistreatment in Australian medical education, and provide recommendations to better shape the future of medical culture and professionalism.

In this issue, we are honoured to feature the voice of influential leaders across the medical field as guest articles. They have generously shared their insights on shaping the future of medicine. Dr Michael Gannon, President of Australian Medical Association (AMA), states that while AMA policy and advocacy address many issues for building a better society, its core lies in the medical education and training for the next generation of medical professionals. A/Prof Stuart Lane defines and explains the core of professionalism and professional behaviour; an essential component in our medical careers as highlighted in many articles in this issue. Prof Michael Besser AM highlights human anatomy as the basis of medicine and states that “human cadaveric dissection represents a profound rite of passage into the medical profession”. Furthermore, invaluable advice on making career decisions is given by Prof Catriona McLean and A/Prof Steven Lane from perspectives of a mother-pathologist-scientist and a physician-scientist, respectively.

Also in this issue, we are excited to present the winning abstract by Manon Audigé from the 3-Minute-Thesis Competition at AMSA Convention 2017, in collaboration with Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA).

The AMSJ is run by medical students in Australia. This issue would not be possible without commitment from many individual medical students, led by executive members, who volunteered their time to work in the editorial teams, and in the roles of publication, publicity, sponsorship, finance and university representatives. On behalf of the AMSJ, I would like to show my appreciation to all our authors, peer reviewers and sponsors. Their expertise, time and support have largely contributed to the successful publication of this issue. In addition, I would like to gratefully acknowledge the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) for their invaluable support in the professional development of our editorial team. Finally, on behalf of the AMSJ, I would like to thank our readers and I hope we, as medical students, continue taking ownership of shaping our future of medicine together!

R Park: editorinchief@amsj.org