Reproductive Healthcare in Latin America: Perspectives from a Guatemalan Elective

By Catherine McHugh | Volume 4, Issue 2 2014

If medicine is to fulfill her great task, then she must enter the political and social life. —Rudolf Virchow, founder of modern pathology An overseas elective is a time to experience medicine in another setting, and it is as much about the setting as it is about the medicine. While gunshot wounds in Johannesburg, and […]  Read More →

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Mobile segment of the hamulus causing dynamic compression of the motor ulnar nerve branch in the hand

By Sheldon Moniz & Tarryn Sohn | Volume 4, Issue 2 2014

This paper is the first to document the mechanism of how a mobile segment of the hook of hamate can dynamically compress the motor branch of the ulnar nerve. Presented is the case of a professional golfer who experienced pain on the ulnar aspect of his right hand that he attributed to weakness and inability […]  Read More →

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Lessons learned from internship

By Michael Miu | Volume 4, Issue 2 2014

Many medical students this year have asked me about what it is like to become an intern. The truth is, nothing you learn at medical school can fully prepare you for the transition to internship. In fact, 42% of newly qualified doctors feel their medical training does not adequately prepare them for starting work. [1] […]  Read More →

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Up the creek without a paddle: An Australian take on disaster medicine

By Andrew Nguyen, Chi Hau Tan & Katherine O'Shea | Volume 2, Issue 1 2011

Disaster medicine is a subject category that invokes thoughts of emergency medicine on a much grander scale; one that involves all levels of healthcare governance. But in reality, it is an area of medicine that is often neglected in Australia, despite its pertinence in this land of extremes. This has been shown to be currently […]  Read More →

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Delays in adoption of statins on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme: Reflections of a John Snow Scholar

By Michael Page | Volume 2, Issue 1 2011

This article is sponsored by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians The evidence for using statins in diabetic patients with normal cholesterol levels to prevent myocardial infarction or stroke was firmly established in 2002 with the publication of the Heart Protection Study. This large, prospective controlled trial found a relative risk reduction attributable to statins […]  Read More →

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