Emergency medicine in Australian medical student education

By Clarabella Liew, Daryl Cheng & Jasmine Koh | Volume 4, Issue 1 2013

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Alan Kay Introduction As the coalface of Australian healthcare, Emergency Medicine (EM) faces the growing healthcare challenges of the wider community. Today, these challenges form a unique ‘triple whammy’ – overseeing the implementation of the National Emergency Access Target (NEAT) or “4-hr rule”, in [...]  Read More →

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Fiction and psychiatry: The tale of a forgotten teacher

By Karan Makhija | Volume 4, Issue 1 2013

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” -Hippocrates Reading this declaration today, conjures an unsettling, or almost unpleasant feeling that this once foundational concept may today be lost in time.  A ‘love for humanity’, whilst still lingering in the minds of some clinicians has been largely side-lined by [...]  Read More →

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Legalising medical cannabis in Australia

By Hamish R Smith | Volume 4, Issue 1 2013

Introduction Cannabis was first used in China around 6,000 years ago and is one of the oldest psychotropic drugs known to man. [1] There are several species of cannabis, the most common are Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis. [2] The two main products that are derived from cannabis are, hashish – the thick [...]  Read More →

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The history of breast cancer surgery: Halsted’s radical mastectomy and beyond

By Rebecca E Young | Volume 4, Issue 1 2013

Breast cancer is common. One in eight Australian women will be diagnosed by the time they turn 85, and it has been estimated that this year in Australia approximately 14,600 women will receive the diagnosis, around 40 women each day. [1] A significant proportion will undergo surgery, mostly as the first means of treatment. Over [...]  Read More →

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The role of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services in Indigenous health

By Michael Weightman | Volume 4, Issue 1 2013

“Our right to take back responsibility.” Noel Pearson, 2000 [1] This emotive aphorism by Pearson embodies the struggle of Australia’s Indigenous people to gain control of their destiny, which for generations has been wrested from them into the power of governments. Although his statement was primarily directed toward welfare, the same right of responsibility can [...]  Read More →

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Physician Assistants in Australia: the solution to workforce woes?

By Benjamin Powell | Volume 4, Issue 1 2013

This article reviews the potential for Physician Assistants (PAs) within Australia. An introduction to the PA role, training, and relevant history is included, as is motivation for considering implementation of the role within Australia. It specifically addresses the prospect of improving rural and Indigenous health services. The possible impact on other roles within Australia, including [...]  Read More →

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Dealing with futile treatment: A medical student’s perspective

By Michael Li | Volume 3, Issue 2 2012

A 76 year old man with metastatic liver cancer lies feebly in his hospital bed surrounded by family. He’s in cardiac and respiratory failure. Attached to him are multiple lines, cannulas and monitors. There are more machines present than people. Despite this, his breathing is laboured, he’s gaunt, and he is clearly suffering. In a [...]  Read More →

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Burdens lifted, hopes restored

By | Volume 3, Issue 2 2012

During the summer break of our third year of medicine at the University of Tasmania, we decided to embark on an elective at Padhar in India. The country of India fascinated us as an opportunity to experience a very different health care system and to learn more about the Indian culture. Padhar is a small [...]  Read More →

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Bring back the white coats?

By Sara Fraser | Volume 3, Issue 2 2012

Should we bring back the white coat? Is it time for this once-venerated symbol of medicine to re-establish itself amongst a new generation of fledgling practitioners? Or, is this icon of medical apparel nothing more than a potentially dangerous relic of a bygone era? Introduction The white coat has long been a symbol of the [...]  Read More →

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Putting awareness to bed: improving depth of anaesthesia monitoring

By Louise Kostos | Volume 3, Issue 2 2012

Intraoperative awareness and subsequent explicit recall can lead to prolonged psychological damage in patients. There are many methods currently in place to prevent this potentially traumatic phenomenon from occurring. Such methods include identifying haemodynamic changes in the patient, monitoring volatile anaesthetic concentration, and various electroencephalographic algorithms that correlate with a particular level... 

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