Blood culture negative endocarditis – a suggested diagnostic approach

By Sadid Khan | Volume 3, Issue 2 2012

This case report describes a previously healthy male patient with a subacute presentation of severe constitutional symptoms, progressing to acute pulmonary oedema, and a subsequent diagnosis of blood culture negative endocarditis with severe aortic regurgitation. Blood culture negative endocarditis represents an epidemiologically varying subset of endocarditis patients, as well as a unique diagnostic dilemma. The [...]  Read More →

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Metastatic melanoma: a series of novel therapeutic approaches

By Jazlyn Read | Volume 3, Issue 2 2012

The following report documents the case of a 63 year old male with metastatic melanoma following a primary cutaneous lesion. Investigation into the molecular basis of melanoma has identified crucial regulators in melanoma cell proliferation and survival, leading to the inception of targeted treatment and a shift toward personalised cancer therapy. Recently, the human monoclonal [...]  Read More →

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An unusual case of bowel perforation in a 9 month old infant

By Mathew Jacob & Ollapallil Jacob | Volume 3, Issue 2 2012

In Australia, between 2009 and 2010 almost 290 000 cases of suspected child abuse and neglect were reported to Australian state and territory authorities. Child maltreatment may present insidiously, not allowing signs of the maltreatment to be elicited until after a culmination of events. Ms. LW, a 9-month- old Indigenous female, presented to the Alice [...]  Read More →

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Dengue fever in a rural hospital: Issues concerning transmission

By Ross Smith | Volume 3, Issue 2 2012

Introduction: Dengue is either endemic or epidemic in almost every country located in the tropics. Within northern Australia, dengue occurs in epidemics; however, the Aedes aegypti vector is widespread in the area and thus there is a threat that dengue may become endemic in future years. Case presentation: An 18 year old male was admitted [...]  Read More →

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Use of olanzapine in the treatment of acute mania: Comparison of monotherapy and combination therapy with sodium valproate

By Hannah Bennett | Volume 3, Issue 1 2012

Introduction: The aim of this article is to review the literature and outline the evidence, if any, for the effectiveness of olanzapine as a monotherapy for acute mania in comparison with the effectiveness of its use as a combined therapy with sodium valproate. Case study: GR, a 55 year old male with no previous psychiatric [...]  Read More →

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Ovarian torsion in a 22-year old nulliparous woman

By Hsiao-En Cindy Chen & Chris Georgiou | Volume 3, Issue 1 2012

Ovarian torsion is the fifth most common gynaecological emergency with a reported prevalence of 2.7% in all cases of acute abdominal pain. [1] It is defined as the partial or complete rotation of the adnexa around its ovarian vascular axis that may cause an interruption in the ovarian blood flow. [2] Ischaemia is therefore, a [...]  Read More →

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IVC thrombosis: An unusual complication of metastatic prostate cancer

By Tim Squire | Volume 2, Issue 2 2011

This case report identifies an IVC thrombosis in a patient with stage IV prostate cancer. The case demonstrates hypercoagulability as one of the many complications of malignancy. The patient presented clinically with bilateral pitting oedema to the groin and into the scrotum with dilated superficial abdominal veins. The prostate cancer was aggressive and unresponsive to [...]  Read More →

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Intra-vitreal bevacizumab in patients with Juvenile Vitelliform Dystrophy (Best Disease)

By Dujon Fuzzard & Andrew Atkins | Volume 2, Issue 2 2011

Juvenile Vitelliform Dystrophy (Best disease) is a degenerative macular condition that is genetically inherited. In recent years monoclonal antibodies have been employed to help prevent the decline in vision associated with macular fluid. This report documents the use of intra-vitreal bevacizumab in two siblings (aged thirteen and fifteen) with Best Disease. This work studies the [...]  Read More →

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Enforcing medical treatment under the Involuntary Treatment Order: An ethical dilemma?

By Seth Delpachitra | Volume 2, Issue 1 2011

Introduction: This case report aims to address the ethical issues and obligations of enforcing medical care onto psychiatric patients under the Queensland Mental Health Act 2000 Involuntary Treatment Order (ITO), and will also present Queensland’s legal standpoint and limitations on providing this care under the Act. Case Presentation: PF, a 47 year old male with [...]  Read More →

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Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

By Sneha Kaushal | Volume 2, Issue 1 2011

This case report describes a lady who presented with abdominal pain, hypotension and multiple ovarian follicles following egg collection and embryo transfer. She was provisionally diagnosed with Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) and managed accordingly. This case study describes her clinical presentation, investigations, progress, management and outcome. No current laboratory diagnostic/prognostic markers are available... 

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