Recapturing compassion

By Grace Sze Yin Leo | Volume 5, Issue 1 2015

John was wheeled into hospital on a Friday of a long weekend. He was elderly and frail, with severe Parkinson’s disease. Many hospital staff attended to him – prescribing medications, delivering meals, and changing his sheets. Unfortunately, no one realised that John’s limited mobility meant that he could not reach his drinking cup. Although the […]  Read More →

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Appraising laboratory-based cancer research for the medical student

By Alison Browning | Volume 5, Issue 1 2015

Increasingly clinicians are being asked to participate in translational research–working closely with laboratory scientists to help guide research goals and projects. The work that is done in the laboratory setting can sometimes fall outside the scientific grounding that most medical students and clinicians receive at university, making it difficult to assess the quality of techniques […]  Read More →

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Thought the ‘bed shortage’ was bad, until the ‘surgeon shortage’ came along

By Janindu Goonawardena | Volume 4, Issue 1 2013

“Make up your mind how many doctors a community needs to keep it well. Do not register more or less than this number.’’ George Bernard Shaw If you have ever had the opportunity of finding yourself in a surgical theatre, the last thing you want to have on your mind are doubts about the person […]  Read More →

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The Australian Medical Student Journal: a nationwide endeavour

By Michael Thompson | Volume 4, Issue 1 2013

Welcome to Volume 4, Issue 1 of the Australian Medical Student Journal. This issue of the AMSJ continues to develop our core aims of supporting medical student research by providing a dedicated journal for publication of outstanding medical student work and a focus on issues relevant to Australia in general and Australian medical students in […]  Read More →

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Freedom of information

By Saion Chatterjee | Volume 4, Issue 1 2013

Early last year, a David and Goliath battleraged between the most unlikely of foes. The gripes of a single blog post inspired a group of disaffected mathematicians and scientists to join forces and boycott the world’s largest publisher of scientific journals, Elsevier. Their movement, dubbed “Academic Spring”, was in response to the company’s political backing […]  Read More →

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Modelling human development and disease: The role of animals, stem cells, and future perspectives

By Kiryu K. Yap | Volume 3, Issue 2 2012

Introduction The ‘scientific method’ begins with a hypothesis, which is the critical keystone in forming a well-designed study. As important as it is to ask the correct questions to form the hypothesis, it is equally important to be aware of the available tools to derive the answers. Experimental models provide a crucial platform on which […]  Read More →

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Medical students in the clinical environment

By Foong Yi Chao | Volume 3, Issue 2 2012

Introduction It is common amongst medical students to feel apprehension and uncertainty in the clinical environment. It can be a daunting setting, where medical students can sometimes feel as if they are firmly rooted to the bottom of the pecking order. However, there are many ways medical students can contribute to their respective healthcare teams. […]  Read More →

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The clinician-scientist: Uniquely poised to integrate science and medicine

By Kiryu Yap | Volume 3, Issue 1 2012

Introduction Growing in the world of academic medicine is a new generation of doctors known as “clinician-scientists”. Trained in both science and medicine, with post-graduate research qualifications in addition to their medical degree, they serve as an essential bridge between the laboratory and clinic. The development of sophisticated experimental approaches has created opportunities to investigate […]  Read More →

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Medical students, innovation and medical discoveries

By Hasib Ahmadzai | Volume 3, Issue 1 2012

Introduction Some medical students sometimes regard themselves as an unimportant, unwanted and superfluous member of the medical team, lacking experience and often finding themselves standing in the way, unsure of what to do when a medical emergency arises. However, an examination of medical history reveals that medical students have been instrumental in contributing to new […]  Read More →

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Ranking the league tables

By Saion Chatterjee | Volume 3, Issue 1 2012

University league tables are becoming something of an obsession. Their appeal is testament to the ‘at a glance’ approach used to convey a university’s standing, either nationally or internationally. League tables attract public attention and shape the behaviour of universities and policy makers. Their demand is a product of the increasing globalisation of higher education, […]  Read More →

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