Original Research Articles

Skin cancer awareness in the Northern Rivers: the gender divide

Background: Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. Despite decades of public health campaigns, these figures are rising, particularly within the male population. Aim: This study aimed to establish whether... 

In vivo anatomical and functional identification of V5/MT using high-resolution MRI: a technique for relating structure and function in the human cerebral cortex

Previous in vivo neuroimaging studies have clearly demonstrated the functional specialisation of the human cerebral cortex. However, precise anatomical localisation of functionally defined cortical areas... 

Test-retest reliability of isometric hip muscle strength measured using handheld dynamometry: a pilot study

Introduction: Hip muscle weakness has been shown to be associated with lower limb pain and (re)injury. A reliable means of assessing hip muscle strength is required to assist sports physicians, orthopaedic... 

Feature Articles

Cutaneous manifestations of neonatal bacterial infection

Introduction Skin forms a dynamic interface with the external environment and is a complex organisation of cell types and associated structures that performs many essential functions. Although the stratum... 

The history of modern general anaesthesia

Safe and effective anaesthesia is among the greatest advances in medical history. Modern surgery and the considerable benefits it brings would be impossible without the significant academic, pharmacological,... 

Penicillin allergies: facts, fiction and development of a protocol

Penicillins, a member of the beta-lactam family, are the most commonly prescribed antibiotic class in Australia. Beta-lactam agents are used in a sexual health setting for the management of syphilis, uncomplicated... 

Exercising patient-centred care: A review of structured physical activity, depression and medical student engagement

Structured physical activity has a wide range of benefits that include improving mood and preventing chronic disease. Recently, there has been an explosion of research aimed at treating diseases such as... 


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